Review: Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe


GAME: Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe
PLATFORM: Nintendo Switch
DEVELOPER: Chubby Pixel
RELEASE DATE: December 21, 2017

I am and always have been very easy to satisfy when it comes to games, which is precisely why I decided to purchase Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe after discovering it in the eShop. For a mere $4.99 I figured I couldn’t go wrong, and for the most part my expectations were met.

The game has you traversing 3D environments while collecting fruit and magical water drops that are scattered throughout each level. The character you control is also equipped with a leaf which is used to attack enemies. In order to advance to the next level, you will need to collect all three magical water drops scattered throughout the current level. The game runs nicely at 60 FPS and maintains it, although in my playthrough I did stumble upon some minor frame drops while playing one particular level. You are only able to see how much fruit you’ve collected when you are in the game’s hub world, which is a minor annoyance but not a particularly big deal in the grand scheme of things. Some other smaller issues I encountered while playing the game were some inaccurate hitbox detection when trying to attack enemies and occasional awkward camera angles that made manoeuvring tight spaces a bit of a hassle.


Overall, Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe is incredibly bare bones, which depending on the player can either be a good or bad thing. I was more or less satisfied after the hour and a half I spent playing and completing the game 100%. At the end of the day, it’s a very simplistic and affordable 3D platformer that certainly isn’t going to blow anybody away, but it knows exactly what it is and capitalizes on that. The experience is very relaxing and was a great way to unwind with a morning cup of coffee. Consider checking this one out if you think it’s your thing. Also keep in mind that a sequel is currently being ported to the Switch with no final release date.


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